Monday, November 26, 2007

A November Update

I just realized today that I hadn't posted since the beginning of October. I think Ravelry is to blame. I update my projects there a lot more regularly.
Anyway... here is what I've been knitting...

Here are some descriptions of the above pictures:
1. Pink Cotton Ease Kid Sweater

2. Zepher Style's Juliet in Cotton Fleece

3. Noro Hat ( Silk Garden Lite) (Holiday present)

4. Noro Hat (Silk Garden Lite) (Holiday present) (

5. Blue and Brown Anastasia Socks

6. Yarntini Anastasia Socks

7. Shibui Embossed Leaves Socks

8. WIP: Knitpicks Memories Embossed Leaves Sock


Khalila said...

If I wasn't on Ravelry and hadn't seen all of your stuff you were working on, I would've started asking questions. :)

Michelle said...

Ahh I'm doing the same thing. Ignoring my blog and posting on Ravelry instead. I see you keep making things in multples. Sometimes it is easier to cast on for a second one after the first. Like you've already worked out the bugs. Especially if you like it.

Dipsy said...

Awww, your knitting is absolutely beautiful - especially all these colorful socks, they look so fantastic! I hear you on Ravelry - it's amazing how quickly time passes when you're having fun there, isn't it?
Happy Knitting!

sue said...

Wow you have knit so many beautiful things. I love those hats, they look so bright and colorful.