Monday, September 17, 2007

What did you do over the weekend?....I saw the Harlot!

On Saturday morning, I loaded the kids into the car and drove south 2 hours to my parents house. I dropped off the kids with their grandparents and then drove into downtown Los Angeles to the LA Public Library to see the Yarn Harlot (about 30minutes from Pasadena). I had made my reservation at the library to hear her speak almost a month ago. I got to the library a little before 1 o'clock and the Harlot was scheduled to speak around 2 pm. Inside the library, knitters were already lined up out side the auditorium waiting. The library had security guards (2-4) watching us wait in line. Then they started ordering us around.. "Stand single file against the wall." "No sitting on the floor." Many in line thought this was pretty funny.
One of the guards (a female one) did say she knitted too and used big needles, not tiny ones.After the library checked us off of their reservation list, we had to stand in line again before going into the Auditorium. I think there was almost 230 to 250 people expected.
There are many pretty and interesting details in the building to look at the LAPL.

Inside the auditorium, as I was picking out a place to sit down, a friendly group of knitters asked me if I was here all alone. I said yes and they invited me to sit with them. Funny thing is they were from Pasadena! (Where I grew up! and where my kids were hanging out for the day!) They meet on Colorado Blvd at a coffee house called Zephyr.

Next the Yarn Harlot came out. She gave a very funny and interesting talk. Everybody was knitting as she spoke!
Lots of people wore their handknits to the event and so it made it very fun to people watch.

After the talk, I stood in line about 1 hour to get my books signed. The library had the Yarn Harlot was standing at a "bar" to sign books.

I told her that I used my Knitting Rules book all the time. She said was glad and that she worked really hard to write that book. I also mentioned that not everyone was tall in LA. I'm 5 foot. At the beginning of her talk in the library she mentioned that everyone was tall in LA and was it because of the sunshine?

Overall I had a great time and parking in downtown LA cost $8 on Saturday.


Khalila said...

You're so lucky you got to meet her! I totally wanted to go but didn't get my rsvp in time. They told me that they were full and there were so many people on the waiting list that I couldn't be put on. I'm going to ask her to come to San Diego.

Octopus Knits said...

How fun! I love her basic sock recipe in Knitting Rules...

After seeing so many nice Hemlock Ringe Blankets (including yours), I've started my own!

Suzanne said...

That is so cool!!!

Laura said...

Wow! I wish I had been able to go! I too was too late calling to get in. Ah well. Hope there's a next time!