Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting Progress

I'm happy with how my Fifi sweater is knitting up. At first I was worried about the pattern because I like charts for knitting cables and this pattern has no charts. As it turns out, the cable pattern is so repetitive, I don't mind not having charts.

One sock done on my Sherbert Jaywalkers and one in progress.

As for my Mystery Stole 3, I finished clue one but I don't feel like knitting anymore on it. I may frog it. I'd rather knit my Print O' Wave Stole instead.


Kim said...

Those socks are super cute!!

chauntel said...

I do like how the Fifi is looking & of course, who doesn't love jaywalkers?!?!

Octopus Knits said...


mazzam again said...

I love the Fifi. I bet it will be really flattering

Wannietta said...

Hi Abby - I'd really like the Denim book that you have listed on Destash, but your email doesn't seem to be quite right. Please contact me if it's still available.
kwp AT sympatico DOT ca

Thanks - great socks btw.!