Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Socks and Buttons

Yesterday I started knitting the No Sweat Socks from the No Sheep for You book. The yarn is the recommended yarn in the pattern called "Wick" by Knit One Crochet Too (53% soy and 47% polypropylene). It is pretty much a basic sock pattern and is knitting up pretty fast. The socks are thicker and heavier in weight than I'm use to. So I probably won't wear them until summer is over and colder weather comes again.
Also I finally finished my Lorna's Laces Ankle Socks yesterday too. I first started these socks way back in March. I used less than one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn that I had left over in my stash and size 1 needles.
Then the third thing I did yesterday was sew on four button to my Ariann sweater. Now I'm thinking of making a second Ariann out of Cotton-Ease in the Lime color.
As for the Pea Pod Cardigan, I finished the right front but I'm annoyed with the pattern. For the left front, the directions simply say to "work as for the right Front, reversing the shaping and stitch patterns." Basically I'm a lazy knitter and like knitting directions to be completely spelled out with all the "reversing" done for me (so I don't have to think too much). You will have to wait and see if I get motivated to keep working on the sweater.


Suzanne said...

I'm with you on the Pea Pod Cardigan - I think that's lazy pattern writing, personally.

Love how everything turned out!

chauntel said...

I really, really hate it when designers do that! If I wanted to design it myself I would!
What caught my eye immediately on your post today was that the Wick sock is turning out with the exact color patterning in it as the book sock. Amazing! I have some of that yarn and a pattern but have never knit it. You'll have to tell me how the feel as socks.

sonja poor said...

Hi. I came her from the Swallowtail KAL, because I saw you had made your second one larger. I've made it twice exactly by the pattern, but would like to make my next one a little bigger in order to use up as much of my handpainted yarn as possible. Can you help by telling me if I can start the nupp section at ANY point or if I need some certain number of repeats of the first section? (Hope my question makes sense.)
Thank you.
The Pea Pod is such a pretty pattern. Sorry you're having a time with it. Not your fault.

Lisa L said...

Beautiful work on the Ariann!