Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Stuff

Have you joined Raverly yet? I did about a week or so ago. My username on ravelry is moochie2003 and if you friend me, I'll friend you too! Ravelry is really kind of neat. I really like how you can search different yarns or patterns and see what other knitters have made. Plus I like the notebook section of it, where you can organize your projects and stash. The only thing I kind of don't like is that you can only upload pictures from flicker. Last Friday, I indulged and bought 3 skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn ;) I usually always miss when this sock yarn goes on sale.


Octopus Knits said...

Ooo, my favorite is the green yarn on the left!

Marieke said...

Apparently ravelry is still in beta and not accepting new members. I put myself on the list, though! Thanks for sharing.

I love the green yarn too!

Laura said...

Hi Abby! Love your new sock yarn. You are so prolific. When do you find time to knit with those two little ones? I'm pretty sure I spend more time thinking about knitting than actually knitting.

Beth said...

Oh man! You got good ones! I ordered my very first Vesper yarn this morning. All that was left was Tartan. Not the colors I'd have picked if more were available.... but OK for a first time. :)

Yay Team 15 in Dish Rag Tag!

Jennie said...

Wow great stash enhancement!

ajdury said...


I'm originally from San Luis Obispo, so to find a (relative) neighbor from the Coast on ravelry made me so happy!

I added you as a friend there. I hope that's okay.

Ravelry is shaping up to be an exceptional site - to be able to catagorize needles and yarns and WIPS and upcoming projects is so neat!

Anywhoooo - it's nice to run across a fellow Central Coast knitter, LOL