Friday, May 18, 2007

No knitting!

Yesterday I wasn't in the mood to knit, except when I went to knitting group in the evening. Instead I felt like sewing with my sewing machine! I made two Tiny Happy's Shoulder Bags. The pattern is really easy and they sewed up super fast. I made my bags about 2 inches deeper in size than the pattern. Also the neat thing about these bags is that they are reversible too. Now I'm thinking of buying one of Amy Butler's bag patterns. Maybe the Frenchy bag or the In-Town bag or the Chelsea Bag.... (in my pictures, the two bags at the top right and top left are the same bag. then the two bags below them on the right and the left are the other bag. I hope that is not too confusing to figure out.)

Also about 3 weeks ago I started a ripple blanket for my daughter. I'm using this pattern and Simply Soft Brites yarn. I'm an extremely slow at crocheting. Crocheting makes my arm really really tired. This is different than knitting for me. I can knit and knit with no problems. So far I do a row one day and than another row a couple days later. At this rate I who knows when I'll be finished.


Kathy said...

I love those bags! I can't sew worth a darn, so I'm very impresseed. :)

That ripple blanket is going to be gorgeous. I love making blankets out of Simply Soft and their 'Brites' colors all look so pretty together.

I have a similar problem crocheting. Crocheting just kills my wrist, so I've stopped doing it at all and just concentrate on knitting.

Kim said...

Oh, your ripple is looking wonderful! I can't wait to start on mine- I'm still trying to get the crochet thing down

Kasi said...

Your bags are super cute!! I would love to learn how to sew better. Maybe I should give those bags a try. You ripple afghan is cute too, I love the colors.

Bobbi said...

Isn't that bag amazing! It didn't occur to me that its reversible until you pointed it out! LOL