Sunday, May 06, 2007

How big should I make it?

I'm trying to decide how big to knit my Tuscany Shawl. So far I have used up exactly one skein of my lovely Handmaiden Sea Silk. The pattern calls for knitting the 16-row pattern repeat 11 times and I've done it 17 1/2 times. I'm sort of thinking I will keep on knitting this shawl and make it bigger with my second skein of Sea Silk. What do you think? My Ariann sweater is coming along too. I switched from using my Denise needles to some metal Addis. The Cotton-Ease sticking too much to the Denise and was hard to knit. With the metal needles the Cotton-Ease moves along nicely.
The picture above is the completed body section waiting for 2 sleeves to be knitted. Below is the beginning of a sleeve.


chauntel said...

I love the shawl! How long is it now? I say the bigger the better but I am a tad taller than you so maybe you don't want it too long? And the Ariann sweater is going to be so pretty in the pink!

Kim said...

Gosh, you are such a fast knitter! As far as Tuscany, I'd just keep knitting until you feel like it's done-- It really is beautiful!

Chelsea said...

Hiya! I just thought that I'd ask you: did you use a regular-sized hank of Sea Silk or the larger (150g) hank? I'm only curious because I want to make this same shawl with one of the smaller (original sized) skeins. Also, did you use the needle size recommended in the pattern? Thank you!

This colorway looks beautiful on this shawl! I just love your choice. Is this the first one that you made? It is very pretty!