Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ballband, Absorba, Ariann sleeve, & SP10

Over the weekend I did a little Mason Dixon Knitting.
First I made a ballband dishcloth. I kept knitting the dishcloth until I ran out of the variegated yarn - "Gumdrop" from Peaches & Creme. The orange yarn is Sugar'n Cream's "Pumpkin." Second, I knitted a Absorba Bathmat from the Mason Dixon book. I used 3 strands held togetherof Sugar and Cream in the "Natural Ombre" color to knit it and size 13 needles. I'm slowing knitting the sleeves of my Ariann sweater. One sleeve is done and I'm just starting the second. Then my SP10 sent me a wonderful package on Monday. For the yarn there is Regia
sock yarn, a skein of sock yarn, and an esty shop yarn that is 65 % wool & 35% silk. The other treats in the package are a cute sheep tape measure, some needle point protectors, a Knitsimple magazine, a pattern pamphlet, a book for my kids, a dark chocolate bar and some yummy maple sugar candy. Thanks Secret Pal 10!

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chauntel said...

I love, love, love my absorba bathmat! Your ballband is very cute in those colors, that is such a great pattern. It was nice to see you last week for a few minutes at knitting.