Friday, January 12, 2007

Look a Poncho!

Last night at Knitting group Chauntel brought a big bag of yarn than she didn't want and everything in it was up for grabs. The only thing I took was this small knitted poncho that needed to have its seam sewn together, hood attached, and yarns ends woven in. Later that night at home I sewed everything up. Then this morning my daughter wore the poncho to preschool. It was really cold this morning too. My daughter usually will only wear her other poncho that she has. She simply refuses to wear sweaters or sweat shirts. Thank you Chauntel for this "new" poncho.

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chauntel said...

Yay for new ponchos! I am glad that she would wear it & now it is getting great use instead of languishing in my stash for another 2 years ;o)