Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's Up?

Well...I don't have any new knitting worth taking a picture of right now. I mainly have been working on the eyelet body section of the Pimlico Shrug. It is about 6 inches longer than the picture I took last week on Monday. I'm now at 19 inches and the pattern calls for 34 inches... So I am a little more than half way there, yeah! With traveling, Thanksgiving, and a wedding in the family last week, I didn't get much else knitted.

I thought about knitting some mesh farmer market bags to give as holiday gifts to my in-laws. I started a pattern that I bought at a LYS. The pattern is by Cedar Post Knits. After 2 days of knitting Monday and Tuesday this week I had barely 2 inches completed and all I could think was that I'd rather be knitting something else. So I've now tossed that idea out the window and now thinking of maybe making some felted bowls from the One Skein book. If I do that I'll need to buy some bulky wool yarn that knits up quick.

My Secret Pal who I'm spoiling got her first package last week. On her blog she seemed extremely happy with what I sent her. I'm glad.

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Laura said...

Hello Long Lost Friend!
Just thought I'd check in and say "hi." I have been very busy because I started working full time. I see you have been busy knitting. I hope we can get together again soon and knit! Laura