Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shawl Knitting

Here are some new pictures of the shawls I'm knitting away on. The burgundy is another Swallowtail Shawl. The yarn I am using is Regia Silk sock yarn. I'm making the shawl larger by knitting 19 bud repeats in the pattern instead of 14 as in the pattern. So far I've down 16 repeats.
The next shawl is Knitty's Clapotis. The yarn for this shawl is a superwash merino wool sock yarn called "Hot Foot" that I bought at Village Spnning & Weaving Shop in Solvag. I really like the colors of this varigated yarn.


Lisa L said...

Hi Abby,

Beautiful shawl! And great colors for the Clapotis - I got a tip on working the pattern that I really liked - the tip is to simply purl the stitches that are to dropped! That eliminates the need for the markers! I used this tip because I kept dropping those darned markers . . . But I LOVE the pattern!

Anonymous said...

They look GREAT! I am happy you are knitting clapotis I LOVED making it!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Your Secret Pal

Lanea said...

Welcome to the KR Webring.

Wen said...

I just bought some of the "Hot foot". I really like the yarn, but winding on my ball winder was a real PITA. Did they wind it for you at the store? (I bought mine from them at the Handweavers guild show this weekend...)

Abby said...

Wen, I had the store wind the Hot Foot yarn for me at the store. It is a huge ball of yarn, 560 yards.