Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boo to You! Happy Halloween!

This is a picture of one the pumpkins my kids and I carved up today for Halloween. Kind of funny looking :)
On Thursday last week, we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo to see the Pumpkin Smash. The zookeepers put pumpkins all around the elephant yard and then at 10:30 in the morning they let the elephants to go smash the pumpkins. My daughter really enjoyed it but my baby started crying. I think he enjoyed seeing the pumpkins and didn't like seeing them get smashed and gobbled up.

Also a part of the pumpkin smash at the zoo were the gorillas. The gorillas were given a burlap sack with a pumpkin inside it for them to smash and eat up.

More about knitting on another day. Happy Halloween! Trick-or-Treat!

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