Friday, August 25, 2006

Mason Dixon Swapcloth Pal's package arrived

Yesterday my package from MD Swapcloth partner arrived. I learned my partner is lauriec. She made to bright pink and green ballband dischloths and some soap. She even made some lovely stitch markers. My daughter was also very excited as you can see in the picture she wanted to touch everything. My partner also wrote a sweet note to me and I learned we have several things in common. We both are stay at home moms. She has a toddler and I have two toddlers. And we both once lived Long Beach, CA.

I'm currently finishing up my MD Swapcloth partner's dishcloth and will probably mail it out on Monday or Tuesday.

For an update on my log cabin blankie, I am now going to start on the border. I hope it goes fast and I will be done! I think it is looking great and I'm really happy with it. I'll post pictures soon too.


Shelley said...

I would never have thought to use pink and green together, but it looks great on those dishcloths. Will have to keep that combination in mind for a future project!

Michelle said...

Awesome colors! What a lovely treat!

Dana said...

They look lovely! Can I ask a stupid question? As a new knitter, everytime you switch colors on this thing do you cut the yarn and weave in many ends at the end? I'm still struggling through something that should be easy. I love them!