Friday, June 09, 2006

My New Shoes

I've discovered a new brand of shoes called Crocs ( They come in all the colors of the rainbow. A few weeks ago I first saw these shoes(in the color purple) when I was at the park with my daughter and baby. Then at a mommy and me class, one of the other moms was wearing them, I asked her about them. She said they were "Crocs" and that her mother-in-law one time tried on her crocs and never took them off. I needed a new pair of shoes and I didn't want to spend $100 on another pair of Birkenstock. The next day I went into downtown Santa Barbara and got a pair. They only cost $29.99. Now I'm hooked. They are so comfy. I even got a pair for my daughter at Payless shoe store in a knock of brand by Airwalk. Her's cost twelve bucks. For myself, the Airwalk ones aren't as comfy. My daughter is forever taking her shoes on and off and she can sort of put them on herself. So they are perfect for the park and walking around and waterproof. I think these are perfect for knitters because of their variety of colors they come in. You could match your shoes to whatever you are knitting.


Amy G. said...

I love these shoes too. They are so comfy for my feet. I even wear them in the winter with socks! I have them in purple,light blue,silver grey,black, red-white-blue, and have a pair of white sandals with the same bottoms.
Just found even more cool colors at the LLBean site for $19.99!

bfmomma said...

We're sold, too. Our whole family has them (mine are gold; DH's are black; DD age 11 has green; DS age 8 has silver; DD age 3 has orange).

Now decorate them! Go to eBay and search for "Jibbitz"