Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Log Cabin Update

Here is an update on my log cabin blanket. The sides are getting bigger and taking longer to knit. I'm still enjoying deciding which color to pick next on each "log." I'm planning to do 6 more rounds of color and so far I've done 6 rounds which makes me half way finished.

I'm inspired to knit socks again. I was surfing some knitting web rings yesterday when I came across someone who had knitted some socks with some self-stripping watermelon colored yarn made by Freshisle Fibers . It is so cute the yarn that I emailed them to find out availability of the yarn and they emailed back that I'll probably will have to wait until August sometime. I'm happy to wait.

(The little bit of arm and leg in the picture with the blankie is my daughter)


Juls said...

This looks great, I love the colors you've chosen!

Nicole said...

Indeed - I love it.
Thanks for commenting on my dishrags on the Mason-Dixon KAL - The colors I used are Ecru and Jute (a tan color). Best of luck with all your knitting!