Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ideas to do someday soon

I'm using my blog to journal my knitting projects. My current project is still my log cabin blankie which I'll post a picture soon. I've been getting ideas for other projects (many from the Mason Dixon KAL) and just writing them down on scraps of paper and today I thought I should just put these ideas into my blog. So here some ideas for my future projects.
1. knit placemats
2. use MD Baby Genius Burp Cloth pattern for a dishcloth
3. do a MD ballband dishcloth in just one varigated yarn
4. make a water bottle cozy with a dishcloth pattern
5. some color combinations for MD Ballband dishcloth:
a. Sugar n Cream : pumpkin + soft violet
b. blue and brown
c. Peaches n Creme: Fiesta + Faded Denim
d. PnC: Fiesta + white
6. Use MD Big Dottie pattern to make dishcloth

(side note: My baby walked 3 steps today without holding on to anything!)

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